Rush Hour

"I'm not from here. I followed my boyfriend here. And then he left me. I have no money, so I try to work any job to make ends meet. I bounce from place to place; sometimes I'm in a shelter, maybe in a hotel for a night, and other times I'm at this woman's apartment. She lets me stay from time to time, but when friends or family come to visit, I've gotta go because it's her place ya know? It's okay though. There are some people who have been out here longer than me. There's one fella who stays under this bridge we're sitting on right now. I don't know how he's been out for so long. But we just alternate corners, trying to grab a few extra dollars during rush hour. Most people who drive by don't usually acknowledge any of us though. At least the people who live out here on the street look out for one another." °
We're partnering with our friend Hannah from @realeyesmysoul to bring you real stories from real humans with the goal of reducing the sigma of homelessness.