Brenton Little



Brenton Little



Meet Brenton Little, a designer, photographer, and musician and all around cool dude.  Brenton hails from Mississippi, but now works and lives in Northwest Arkansas.  He's a Senior Designer at a marketing agency that supplies designs for huge corporations like Walmart.  Among other things, he creates a ton of photo content and also makes lots of Snapchat filters for these awesome brands.



Brenton Creates Change by finding trends in design and photography and making them his own.  One could say he pushes the limits of these art forms through his own creative touch.


Inspired by long walks and drives down roads he's never been before, Brenton doesn't like to plan things out too far in advance. "Things always change before I get to that point in the future," he says.  


Aside from visual art, Brenton is also a studio musician.  He's recorded with artists such as Kris Allen and Gazer.


If you're interested in checking out more of Brenton's work, check out his: