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Emily Nagle

Farmington Hills, MI


Put a camera in the hands of Emily Nagle and she will without a doubt capture some of the most intriguing and compelling photographs. This independent, eclectic, unique, and creative individual is pioneering her way through the world of photography.

Although she enjoys shooting all types of photography, her focus is mainly on portrait, fashion, and music. She currently resides in New York City, working for Harper’s Bazaar women’s fashion magazine as a photography intern. On her days off, she works as a writer and photographer for a music zine called Alt Citizen in Brooklyn.



Emily explained how her photographs will always have people in them, or at least reference people through some sort of symbolism. “I like to shoot my peers rather than models because I like to use people I can identify with,” said Emily. “My aesthetic is intimate, personal, and minimalist,” she explained.



Her emotional intelligence and awareness of how others are feeling around her translates over to her work. “I try to portray an emotional character in my portraits to tell a story, and I prefer when the eyes show a longing for something, which comes from a personal tendency to long for the past,” said Emily. As someone who has personally struggled with depression, anxiety, and loss, she emphasizes the importance of authenticity in her work. “I believe the eyes are the windows to a person’s soul, and in what I capture, no one’s soul is perfect.”

Her biggest project that she has been working on since May 2015 is a series on body image where she photographs her subjects’ nude. “It is a study of the human form and the relationship between body and mind,” said Emily.

Emily hopes that her series on body image and other similar concepts she works on brings awareness to these topics that are often times seen as taboo. “I hope it continues to inspire people to think positively and to encourage others to spread awareness in their own ways about topics such as feminism, body image, and civil rights,” said Emily.

According to Emily, the first step to create change in the greater movement of raising awareness, gender equality, and positive thinking is to put good energy out into the world. “The more people see you living by example, the more people will want to be a part of it as well,” she explained. “People always question why change is so hard to put into action, but people need to realize that everyone must be involved to see a better outcome.”


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