Next Gen Scientist

Aaron Pomerantz
Los Angeles, CA
Meet jungle-exploring scientist, Aaron Pomerantz.  Aaron uses new technology to do research and make discoveries using social media to try and inspire the next generation of scientists, as well as break down stereotypes that people have scientists.  His work helps Create Change by helping tackle global issues like habitat destruction, biodiversity loss, and climate change.


Aaron finds his inspiration in knowing that most of the organisms on this planet have yet to be discovered, and time is not on his side. "We (humans) are changing our environment at an accelerated rate and could lose the most important aspect of our planet: the diversity of life forms. I'm inspired by our ability to invent and solve problems, and we need to apply this in particular to conservation efforts."

Aaron conducts research in the Amazon rainforest, and loves every minute of it.  He finds it challenging at times, but very worth it to make discoveries in some of the more diverse regions of the globe.

Aaron encourages everyone to get involved in science; biology in particular. There has never been a better time to become a "citizen scientist" and people can likely get involved with their local natural history museum projects or online research projects that enable anyone to make observations and submit data.

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