Our Story


York Project apparel is for trailblazing millennials — the ones focused on creating change in their communities. We’re dedicated to providing an unmatched retail experience by designing cool and conscious top quality goods that also create a positive social impact in communities everywhere.

Founded in 2013 out of a basement in metro Detroit, our company has been driven by a mission to do more than simply make great clothes since day one.

For every product sold, we make a Donation Kit and provide it to someone experiencing homelessness. Each one of these Donation Kits includes a canvas tote bag, toilet paper, socks, and bottled water. To date, we’ve made over 18,000 donations in 23 cities nationwide.

Josh York of York Project

We are dedicated to being a proactive, community-minded business. Our goal is to be a part of providing living wage jobs to people who are either chronically underemployed or unemployed.

Our vision is simple: Do what we love. Inspire change-makers. Empower others.

We love making great clothes in ways that create opportunities for others, and our wish is to ignite other change creators to do the same.

Together, we can Create Change.


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