We aim to produce products that grant several benefits for you, your community, & the environment. We achieve this by constructing handmade, sustainable, eco-friendly products that are locally made with both compassion & care for you & the planet.


The Renaissance Woman Legging

Made of recycled water bottles, this legging is for the woman who does it all. Made from a tight knit fabric for durability, warmth, & compression, this legging hugs you in all the right places.

100% Cotton

Certified organic is better for the planet. Instead of toxic pesticides, organic farming uses crop rotation, cover crops and organic fertilizers to create rich life-supporting soil.

The Running Man Headband

Rather than discarding extra fabric pieces, York recycles all fabric scraps. One way that York repurposes fabric is by creating athletic headbands that are handcrafted from the recycled water bottle legging material. 

Reduced Shipping Materials

We reduce the amount of waste produced through shipment orders by ordering local, driving the extra mile, & seeking self-sustaining opportunities.

Buying local is better

Buying local goes hand in hand with enhancing the local economy around us. The money that you end up spending at a local business, sticks around in your town or community. When a community supports local businesses, it makes an environment that’s characterized by unique business that’s clearly one of a kind.   



Why Garment Dye? Garment-dyeing is an environmentally friendly way of dying cloth. The process in which our fabrics undergo this process reduces waste, benefits the environment, & creates a more rustic, authentic look. Dyeing garments in this way also gives York the opportunity to support local garment-dyeing companies in Detroit. We are partnering with Deviate Detroit in order to create the most beautiful & natural colors for our products.