Clothing that's woven into a larger story.



Designed to last.

We understand the importance of creating products that are built to last. In order to play a role in your journey of finding ethically made clothing, we have taken extra steps to ensure that every product purchased at York is thoughtfully constructed in a way that benefits you and the world we live in. 

Transparency in every fiber.

Your time and money deserves to be spent on products that support your values. York intends on building a brand that supports worthy causes that align with what matters to do. One way we do this is by providing you with opportunities to learn about our garments and their origin. We know you value transparency, and so do we. 

Product Scorecard 

This scorecard displays the story of the garment you are viewing. Each section tells a different part of your fabric's story, its origin, & the benefits that the product will bring to you. We understand how rare, yet important transparency is. Transparency is what these scorecards are all about. 


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To learn more about how our products improve the environment, check out our Planet page.