Hannah Drozdowski, 21


It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. That is the essence behind twenty-one year-old Hannah Drozdowski’s project, RealEyesMySoul. Hannah’s work is simple, but powerful. She talks to overlooked souls that struggle with homelessness, asking them questions ranging from how their day is going to how they ended up on the street. Then, with their permission, she photographs their eyes. “I firmly believe you can tell a lot about another human being via eye contact,” said Hannah. She then shares these photos, along with their stories, with the rest of the world through her RealEyesMySoul project’s social media pages to illuminate a sense of humanity that is often forgotten.

Hannah’s work is important in this fast-paced world we live in. “I think people at times are too self-obsessed and don’t recognize that there is a world of other people around them succeeding and struggling. I’m personally moved by other individuals’ struggles and how they keep moving forward,” said Hannah. She added, “With the homeless community, people, myself included sometimes, are quick to judge based on appearance and the question, ‘Do you have spare change?’” With RealEyesMySoul, she wants to show that time is worth more than any dollar and that it is beyond important to realize how much we can learn from one another. “If you strip down the stereotypes, everyone has two eyes and a soul that has experienced his or her fair share of life. How could you not be curious by that thought?”

As for future plans, Hannah said to keep your eyes peeled and ears open. “I just know, undoubtedly, that I’ll be working with the homeless community and social justice until my soul leaves my own body,” said Hannah.

How to get involved:
  • Hannah urges everyone get involved with it in a personal way and to create their own type of change
  • Raise awareness - share her photos she posts via Facebook and Instagram!
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  • Instagram: @realeyesmysoul